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    作者: admin 瀏覽次數:2072 來源: 美達斯機械 發布日期:2017-11-28 16:13:37

    據資料統計和市場特點的調查表明,由于實現了大規模工業化批量生產,20m以下的建筑物采用重慶升降機的總費用最低。由于重慶升降機的這些特點,它特別適用于以下場合。According to data statistics and market characteristics of the survey showed that, as a result of large-scale industrialization of mass production, 20m following the total cost of the building with the Chongqing elevator minimum. Due to these characteristics of the Chongqing lift, it is particularly applicable to the following occasions.

    1.賓館、辦公樓、圖書館、醫院、實驗室、中低層住宅,這些場合的要求是:使用方便、操作簡單、噪聲低、可靠性高。 Hotels, office buildings, libraries, hospitals, laboratories, low - level residential, the requirements of these occasions are: easy to use, simple operation, low noise, high reliability.

    2.車庫、停車場,由于汽車提升梯轎廂規格大,輸出功率大,因此采用對稱布置的重慶升降機,可使轎廂處于相當平穩的運行狀況。 Garage, car park, due to the car to enhance the ladder car specifications, large output power, so the use of the symmetrical arrangement of the Chongqing lift, can make the car in a very smooth running condition.

    3.需增設貨梯的舊房改造工程,由于舊房的改建受原土建結構限制,配用重慶升降機是最佳選擇。The renovation project required additional cargo elevator, because the existing reconstruction restricted the original structure, with Chongqing is the best choice for elevator. 

    4.古典建筑。古典建筑增設貨梯不能破壞其外貌及內在風格,因此采用液壓電梯也是較好的方案。 Classical architecture. The building of the classical building can not damage its appearance and internal style, so the use of hydraulic lift is also a good solution.

    5.商場、餐廳、豪的建筑,上述建筑一般選用觀光梯,而觀光電梯很多采用液壓直頂式驅動。Shopping malls, restaurants, Hao's building, the construction of the general use of sightseeing ladders, and the use of a lot of sightseeing elevator drive.

    6.跳水臺、石油鉆井臺、船舶等工業裝置上,由于這些裝置一般不能設置頂層機房且載重量大,因此重慶升降機優勢也較為明顯。 Diving platform, oil rigs, ships and other industrial equipment, because these devices are generally not set top room and large carrying capacity, so Chongqing lift advantage is more obvious.